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Scheduling Sessions
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Once you have assigned sessions to participants, the session can be scheduled. The following roles are able to schedule a session:

  • Engagement Admin

  • Organization Admin with Manage Coaching permission

  • Designated Scheduler

Scheduling Sessions as an Admin

Engagement Admins and Organization Admins with the manage coaching permission are able to schedule sessions from the Manage Sessions list in the Coaching Hub. Sessions with the Invited status will include a link to schedule sessions in the Session Date column.

Clicking on the Schedule button will display a calendar where you can find the times when the session facilitator is available to meet.

Reschedule Sessions as an Admin

Sessions that have a Scheduled status can be rescheduled. Click the pencil icon next to the session date.

This will open the calendar to select a new time to meet with the session facilitator.

Scheduling Sessions as a Designated Scheduler

When assigning a group session, you can choose one of the participants as the designated scheduler for the sessions.

The designated scheduler will be notified by email that they have a session to schedule. They will be able to schedule sessions from the My Sessions section.

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