Custom Survey Set up and Management
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To set up a custom survey to be used in the new campaign flexibility feature, navigate to settings>survey management.

This section allows you to create and manage custom surveys that you can include in campaigns. Each custom survey can have the following components.

  • Sections

  • Section Descriptions

  • Opinion Scale Items

  • Opinion Response Items

Custom surveys can be edited until they are used in a campaign at which point they are locked and cannot be changed.

Creating a Custom Survey

To create a custom survey, click "Add Survey" at the top of the screen.

From there you can set the name and begin building your survey. Pick a name that helps you remember the survey when selecting it in the campaign creation process.

Adding Sections

Start by adding a section to your survey. You can have as many sections as you want and sections can easily be reordered by clicking the up/down arrow next to their title.

Adding Items

Once you add a section you can add items to the section. Each item must be either an opinion scale (likert 5 point scale) or an opinion response (open ended text response). These can be ordered by clicking and dragging with a section. To move an item to a different section, delete it and recreate it.


Results for open ended items will display in the "Feedback" section of the portal alongside dynamic feedback questions.

Opinion Scale items will appear in a new section in results called "Custom Items" and will display with the Likert responses broken out by sentiment (negative, neutral, positive)

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