Campaign Flexibility w. Custom Surveys
How to set up and manage a campaign with a custom survey and the new campaign flexibility features
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This feature provides the ability to send a custom survey alone or alongside the existing Emplify Survey, eNPS survey, or any of our Topic Based Assessments. Each survey is a part of the larger campaign and will be delivered to employees at the same time, in the same experience, and results are displayed in the same results experience you are accustomed to.

Set up and Configuration

This set up and management can only be performed by an Engagement Admin. Organization Admins can view the campaign, but cannot edit it or confirm it.

To set up a new campaign click the link to "Try the new Campaign Flexibility" feature at the top of the journey page.

This will take you to the new campaigns page. If you have the new

Campaign List

The first thing you will see is the new campaign list. This will show all of your past, future, and unscheduled campaigns. This list is sorted in this order.

  1. Unconfirmed with no date

  2. Unconfirmed with a scheduled date

  3. Then by date for the following statuses - in-progress, completed, pending

To view a campaign and set it up, click "view details"

Campaign Details

This is where you set up and configure your campaign. Most of this will look familiar, but there are a few key differences. Each section below corresponds to a section on the campaign detail and describes how to configure each component of a campaign.

Campaign Details

In this section you can set the name of the campaign and the group for which open ended responses will be viewable by.

Name: The name can be anything that helps you remember the campaign and will not be used or presented to your employees.

View comments by: This field sets the group type that will allow you to view open ended comments (including eNPS and dynamic feedback). All comments will be viewable by admins, but this is the group type that will allow you to filter those comments. You must pick this field in order for results to show and we only allow filtering by one group type here to protect confidentiality.


This is the most significant addition to the campaign experience. Each campaign can now include multiple surveys including Custom Surveys

In this section, you can add multiple surveys and order them. Each survey is included in the same survey taking experience for employees on one single page. You can view a demo experience here (this example just includes the Emplify Survey).

To add a survey click the "Add Survey" button. You will be directed to a screen where you can select from our templates. Once you select a template, click the yellow "add survey" button at the top right of the screen to add this survey to. your campaign.

Once a survey has been added you can reorder it by clicking to the left of the survey name and dragging it in order. This will change the order each survey appears in the survey taking experience for employees.

Notification and Campaign Schedule

Every campaign has a start and end date. This represents when the campaign is open and survey submissions are able to happen. Once a campaign is closed, surveys cannot be submitted and results begin to be processed (typically takes a few minutes). Once they are processed, emails are sent to leaders notifying them that results are ready according to your settings.

Here's how to set up this section. Your Campaign Notification Type field will be auto selected based on your company default setting in settings>assessment settings

  1. Pick a start date.

  2. The system will automatically populate 5 reminders that match our best practices (82% response rate)

  3. Add and remove notifications as needed.

  4. You can send a test email if you want to see the email experience for the first reminder.


Once your campaign is set up you will see a "confirm" button at the top of the page. This must be clicked for your campaign to go live. This moves the campaign into a "live" state where it will run at the scheduled start time. You an unconfirm a campaign if you decide you do not want it to send.

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