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Progressive Engagement+ Shutdown
Progressive Engagement+ Shutdown

This article describes the process and timing of the 15Five Engagement+ shutdown

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As a part of the acquisition of Emplify, 15Five gained a more robust engagement measurement solution. The Emplify Engagement product will be the foundation of all our future engagement measurement efforts and is built to scale and serve the needs of our customers.

As we continue to invest in this platform, we will slowly shutdown the legacy 15Five Engagement+ solution. Below are the critical milestones to be aware of as we shutdown this service.

If you are an existing Emplify customer, there will be NO significant change for you or the platform. We are currently continuing to enhance and integrate the engagement product with the broader 15Five platform and you'll see those improvements announced as we release them.

No new campaign creation - July 1st, 2022

Customers who have access to engagement+ will no longer be able to run a new surveys at this time. All results and reporting interfaces will still be available, but no new campaigns will be able to be created.

Any surveys created prior to this announcement for a date past July 7th will still run as scheduled.

Results availability - September 29th, 2022

Results will continue to be available on the platform until September 29th. We will not be transitioning results to the new engage platform, but will provide the ability to export results prior to complete shutdown of the system. On this date, the user interface will be removed from your account and any results requests will have to be made through support.

Final Shutdown - January 16th, 2023

The engagement+ system will be completely shut down and all features turned off on January 16th 2023. Any results not exported by this time will be deleted.

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