Adding eNPS to an Engagement Campaign

How to add an eNPS survey to a campaign or run one alone.

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Adding eNPS to a Campaign

eNPS can be added as a survey to any campaign. This can be done from the campaign detail when setting up a campaign.

Answering the eNPS question in the Engagement Assessment

When eNPS is enabled for an engagement assessment, employees will see the eNPS question as part of the engagement assessment. Employees will be asked:

On a scale from 0-10, how likely are you to recommend {Organization Display Name} as a great place to work?

Employees can also provide an optional open response to the prompt, "What was the primary reason for your answer?"

Viewing eNPS Results

eNPS results will be available for the organization and any group with at least five responses when the assessment closes.

  • The eNPS score and response breakdown will display in the Results section of the engagement dashboard in the eNPS tab.

  • Comments related to the eNPS question will display in the Feedback section of the engagement dashboard.

eNPS Score and Response Breakdown

The eNPS score and response breakdown will display for the organization or group that is selected in the filter bar.

If eNPS has been included in more than one assessment, a trend line will display below the eNPS score. This is a great way to monitor how the eNPS score is changing over time.

eNPS scores can be viewed and compared between groups by going to the View Scores By section and selecting a group type.

eNPS Comments

Comments related to eNPS will include an eNPS label. You can also filter comments by Type to view only eNPS comments or only Dynamic Feedback comments.

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