There are three system group types available:

  1. Tenure

  2. Generation

  3. Hire Cohort

Each is based on a date value on the employee record. If no date is provided, the group types will not be active or valuable. Tenure and Hire Cohort are based on Start Date and Generation is based on Birth Date.


To use the Tenure Group Type, you must provide the employee start_date. This grouping will automatically look at the start date and bucket employees based on how long they have been at the company.

These groupings will appear alongside your other Group Types and are a "snapshot" in time based on the tenure of the employee at the time of each assessment.

The tenure group type defaults to groupings of 0-1 year, 1-2, years, 2-3 years, 3-5 years, 5-10 years, and 10+ years. These can be modified by reaching out to


We automatically calculate engagement by generation based on the Birth Date field provided on the employee record. You can see the Generation Band Years in this article

Hire Cohort

Hire cohort, like tenure, is based-on the employee start date, but instead of being a range of tenure it allows you to define a range of years to bucket employees base on when they are hired. Employees will stay in this bucket and will not move like they will in the tenure group type.

To activate this group type or modify the ranges, please reach out to

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