Kiosk Mode Overview
How kiosk mode works and how to manage settings.
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Kiosk mode is a limited feature that must be discussed with your Customer Success Manager and enabled by support. It is not available to all customers.

Kiosk can be used in cases where you do not have contact information for all employees. It allows employees to walk up to a computer or tablet and search for their unique engagement link using their name or employee ID (that you provide).

Setting up Kiosk

If Kiosk has been enabled for your org, you can access Kiosk Settings by going to the Assessment Settings page. At the bottom of the page there are two settings for Kiosk mode.

Obfuscate employee names

If this setting is on, when an employee searches, the results will not display the full name of the employee but instead will show J*** D (for John Doe)

Obfuscation on:

Obfuscation off:

Kiosk Group

If this setting is selected, Kiosk will only show for employees who are in a group within the group type that is selected. In addition, specific links will be provided for each of the groups within the group type. This is helpful if you want to limit the number of employees showing up in each kiosk to a location or plant.

Accessing Kiosk Links

Only the ENGAGEMENT ADMIN role can access these links. Kiosk links can be accessed by going to the engagement assessment detail page from the timeline and clicking on the more button in the upper right corner of the page.

Clicking on "Kiosk Links" will show a list of links that can be loaded on the devices where the Kiosk experience will be used. If the setting for groups is on, there will be many links representing each group in the selected group type.


Employees can search by name or Organization Employee ID if that setting is turned on.

If using Organization Employee ID, the IDs must be an exact string match on the characters entered to return a value. For example if the employee's ID is "12456" then searching for "654321" will NOT return a result. However, "1234" will return a result.

Kiosk Risks

This functionality is limited because it does technically expose which employees have or have not taken the assessment implicitly (once an assessment link has been completed, it is removed from the Kiosk). Kiosk also opens the door to an employee taking another employee's assessment and those results being applied to the wrong employee and therefore group results being wrong. To avoid this, we encourage moderation or proctoring of the kiosk experience by an HR person.

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