Engagement Admins and People Insights users with full access will have access to the Activity section. This provides an overview of coaching sessions that have been assigned, scheduled, and completed. To view the status of coaching sessions for your organization, go to Activity > Coaching in the People Insights dashboard.

Assigned Coaching Sessions

Once you have provided your coaching roster to our team, the sessions will be listed on the Coaching dashboard with an Assigned status.

Participant Experience

Participants that have been assigned a coaching session will receive an email alerting them they have a session to schedule. For group sessions, a scheduler will be designated to coordinate a time that works best for the group.

They will be able to log in to the engagement dashboard and access the Coaching section to see the session(s) they have been assigned. Participants can then schedule a time that works best for them.

We'll send weekly follow-up reminders via email to anyone that did not schedule after the first email notification.

Scheduled Coaching Sessions

Once coaching participants have scheduled a session, the dashboard will update with a Scheduled status and the date of the session.

Participant Experience

Participants will be able to see the scheduled session on their personal coaching dashboard. They can add the session to their personal calendar and will get an email reminder before their session.

Completed Coaching Sessions

Once a session has been completed, the status will update on the coaching dashboard. Account Owners and full access users will also be able to see the Focus Area that was covered in the session. This is a great way to understand themes that are being covered in coaching sessions.

If participant(s) missed their scheduled session, the status will show that they Did Not Attend the session.

Participant Experience

After the session is completed, participant(s) will receive a follow-up email notifying them that their coach has left notes from their session. They can access and review the notes at any time from the coaching section in the engagement dashboard.

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