If you are exporting employees from a source system with all their groupings, contact info, and demographic information AND a stable and unique employee ID, this process is for you!

By turning on the Organization Employee ID setting in the Bulk Employee Update tool, our system will no longer check for the emplify_employee_id, but will instead use YOUR system id (in the organization_employee_id column) to check for a unique match against existing employees in the system. This is helpful if you are doing a bulk export from your HRIS and already have a unique identifier you will use every time.

When importing, we automatically detect new or missing employees in the file and create or deactivate them accordingly. We do this based on a unique ID in our system. Every employee has an Emplify Employee ID, but we can also use the Organization Employee ID to match against employees in the same way.

If you have this setting turned on, we'll first check for the emplify_employee_id. If it is not found, we'll then check for the organization_employee_id. If the setting is on you MUST have a unique value for every employee in the organization_employee_id field.

If you need to do a bulk change to all of your IDs for employees (e.g. you are switching HRIS systems). You can do a bulk export from our system that will include the Emplify ID, then replace the organization_employee_id for every employee and reimport. Our system will find the employee by their emplify ID and then update the organization_employee_id accordingly.

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