Organization Employee ID bulk upload setting

Use this setting if you are exporting employee information directly from your system and have unique employee IDs you will use every time.

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If you are exporting employees from a source system with all their groupings, contact info, and demographic information AND a stable and unique employee ID, this process is for you!

By turning on the Organization Employee ID setting in the Bulk Employee Update tool, the importer will now look for a new organization_employee_id column to check for a unique match against existing employees in the system. This is helpful if you are doing a bulk export from your HRIS and already have a unique identifier you will use every time. If you do not have this identifier or want to use the Emplify system as the source of truth for this employe list, you can use the normal bulk import process with export/import of emplify_employee_ids

Common Errors

There are three possible errors with the organization_employee_id column

  1. The column isn't in your CSV file

  2. There are missing values for individual rows

  3. There are duplicate values

Missing Column

If you have this setting turned on, the importer will first check to ensure the organization_employee_id column is in the file. If it isn't you'll see an error for a missing required field.

Missing Values

Once you've included the column, the importer will require that every row has a value. This is so that every employee in the system has a unique ID. If you have any rows with no value for the organization_employee_id, the import will error.

Duplicate Values

Next, the importer will check to ensure all organization_employee_ids are unique. If you have a duplicate, it will error and tell you which rows were duplicated.

Less Common Issues

The values for organization_employee_id can be any string value, but often times numbers in excel remove leading zeros when converted to a CSV. Please ensure that numbers are converted to text in excel before exporting to a CSV so that leading zeros aren't removed (e.g. 00543 becomes 543).

If you are changing your HRIS system, all of your organization_employee_ids will need to be updated across all employees. The way to do this is to export all employees from the engage system (this will include the emplify_employee_id), then replace the organization_employee_id for every employee and reimport. Our system will find the employee by their emplify ID and then update the organization_employee_id accordingly.

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