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15Five coaches are focused on helping you succeed at what matters most to you. By working with a coach, you can learn more about yourself, identify areas of growth and opportunity, and create a plan for the right next steps. Coaching conversations can cover a variety of topics. You will work with your coach to determine what's most important to focus on together. Here is an overview of the types of areas the coaching team typically covers during coaching sessions:

Change Management

Change is something that all leaders face. Your coach can help you prepare or walk through times of change. This may look like creating a plan, processing what is happening, or practicing for upcoming conversations.


Communication plays a crucial role in people management. Whether it's casting vision, giving feedback, having effective 1:1s, active listening, or working through conflict, your coach will help you think through how to make the most out of opportunities to communicate with your team.

Management Style

Developing a management style that is authentic to you is important. Your coach will help you explore how to refine your style, minimize weaknesses, strengthen your skills, and show up as an authentic, effective manager and leader.

Managing Up

Sometimes the challenges in being a manager aren't from circumstances related to your direct reports, but rather related to upper leadership and the organization at large. Coaching sessions will focus on these dynamics to define a path forward as you think about managing up and influencing the organizational culture.

New Manager

As a new manager, your coach will be a safe, helpful, outside source to help you process your experiences, grow your skills and confidence, and build habits that set you up for success as a manager and leader.

Personal Growth

Working with a coach is a great way to learn more about yourself. Your coach will work with you to focus on areas of personal growth. Conversations relating to personal growth could be about creating balance, stress management, emotional intelligence, overcoming mental distractions, expanding your influence, or identifying blind spots that are reducing your personal effectiveness and success.

Team Culture

As a manager, you play an important role in developing the culture of your team. Culture includes the formal and informal beliefs, policies, and behaviors of your team, whether they are helping you achieve shared success or not. Issues around gender, race and ethnicity, as well as conflict styles and styles of recognition are common topics of discovery. A 15Five coach will help you think through the culture as it is and as you want it to be.

Team Performance

Your coach will help you explore your team's performance. Identifying ways to motivate the team as they work toward a goal, recognizing how you can celebrate achievements, or talking through how you create a strategy for your team are part of maximizing team performance.

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