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Assign and Schedule Insights Briefings
Assign and Schedule Insights Briefings
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What are Insights Briefings?

Insights Briefings occur after an engagement campaign and are a time where your Executive Advisor will review the results with leadership. Depending on your package, you may have one or more briefings for your organization.

The Insights Briefing may include your C-Suite, head of Human Resources and/or higher-level leaders in the organization who "own" a sizable function of the business (division, business unit, location, etc.). The goal is for these sessions to include people who are ultimately accountable for employee engagement in the organization or their area.

You can work with your Executive Advisor or CSM to determine the best strategy for your Insights Briefings. They can help you determine and assign who should be at each briefing.

How to schedule Insights Briefings

The Engagement Admin for your organization assign a briefing directly from the campaign list

1. Click Assign New Briefing

2. Fill out the briefing form to assign the briefing to a scheduler and participants

The Engagement Admin or Organization Admins for your organization can assign briefings

Once a briefing has been assigned it will show up on the assigned leader's "My Sessions" tab. where they can schedule it.

3. Select the date and time for the Briefing.

4. Enter the details for the event.

Add your name, email address, include any other leaders that will be a part of the session, and answer the questions from your advisor to help them prep for the time. Once you have completed the form, confirm by clicking the Schedule Event button.

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