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What is coaching?

Coaching helps individuals and teams learn how to find the ‘why’ behind the challenges they’re facing and define an authentic path towards lasting behavior change.

What will my coach work with me on?

You will be able to guide your coaching session based on the topics and issues that are most relevant to you. Our coaches often work with managers in the following areas:

  • Team Culture

  • Personal Growth

  • Managing Up

  • Communication

  • Change Management

  • Being a New Manager

  • Team Performance

  • Management Style

How can I request coaching?

If you’d like to request coaching for yourself or your team, please fill out this form. After you've completed the form, a member of our Transform team will connect with you about your request.

Common Questions

Am I being assigned a coach because my team or I are underperforming?

Some of the world’s most successful people owe their success to working with a coach. The opportunity to work with a coach is an investment that will benefit you directly and the company overall. We’re committed to giving our managers and employees the opportunities they need to keep growing and developing into the professionals they want to be.

How is coaching more effective than if I learn on my own?

Coaching shouldn’t stop you from learning on your own. A coach will help you learn more about yourself and apply what you learn in the real world (which you can’t do by reading or taking a course). They will help you develop solutions for you and your team that fit your unique situation and specific goals. Plus, you’ll have a safe space to process your thoughts with an expert outside your company.

How can a coach help me without walking in my shoes for a day?

Knowing more about your specific job or industry is less important. Why? Because coaching is less about giving you the answer, and more about helping you find the best answers for your situation. Coaches specialize in helping people learn about themselves so they can either find the obstacles holding them back or the opportunities that can move them forward.

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