What are custom assessments?

The Emplify software allows you to run a separate, custom assessment using statements that your organization creates. A custom assessment can help you better understand a topic that is unique or specific to your organization. Before or after running your Emplify engagement assessment, you may want to learn more about a topic that is not represented in the engagement assessment or any of our topic-based assessments. A custom assessment enables you to gather this information while still relying on Emplify for all the campaign management and reporting tools. Custom assessment are sent to all employees in the organization as a way to gather more insight.

Who receives a custom assessment?

Custom assessments are sent to all active employees in the organization.

How does a custom assessment work?

Note: Due to the custom nature of these assessments, please allow at least one week for setup before the assessment will be available to send.

1. Decide on the statements for your custom assessment.

You can use this template to create your custom assessment. A custom assessment allows you to include the following:

  • Likert statements - Likert statements allow employees to respond with their level of agreement to the statement. They can respond with any of the following responses - Strongly Agree, Agree, Neither Agree Nor Disagree, Disagree, Strongly Disagree.

  • One open response question - One open response question can also be included so employees can add comments or feedback. Asking employees to provide feedback on what the organization should Start, Stop, or Keep doing can be a great prompt for an open response question.

There is no limit to the number of Likert statements that can be asked, but we recommend keeping the assessment short (under 20 statements) so employees can easily participate.

2. Send the custom assessment to help@emplify.com.

Once you have created your custom assessment, send the completed template to our support team at help@emplify.com. Our team will get the assessment added so it can be sent to your employees. Please allow up to one full week for the assessment to be available to schedule and send. You'll receive a confirmation message from our Support team when it is available on your timeline.

3. Schedule your custom assessment.

Once the assessment has been added, you'll see it on the timeline for your organization. You can click on the Schedule button to select the start date for when the assessment will be sent. Custom assessment are open for five business days.

4. Update employee data to prepare for the assessment.

The assessment is sent to all employees in your organization. You can update data in the Settings > Employees section of the Insights dashboard or attach a spreadsheet for our team to import. If you have questions, contact our support team at help@emplify.com.

5. On the assessment launch day, employees will receive invitations to take the assessment via email or SMS.

Reminders are sent each day to employees that have not responded. The messages will be customized to use your organization name and the name of the assessment.

6. Once the assessment has closed, responses will be available on the timeline for your organization.

Leaders will have access to results for the same groups as the engagement assessment.

7. Review results and read the feedback employees shared.

Results can be filtered to drill down into specific segments. No results will be shown for any segments with fewer than five responses.

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