What are topic-based assessments?

Use a topic-based assessment to develop a deeper understanding of a specific organizational challenge that’s affecting employee engagement or productivity. Before or after running your Insights engagement survey, you may need a deeper look into how your employees are doing with specific topics such as burnout, diversity & inclusion, and working from home. These assessments are sent to all employees in the organization as a way to gather more insight.

How are topic-based assessments different from Emplify's engagement assessment?

Topic-based assessments are shorter in length (approximately 20 questions or less) and focused on a specific area that may be affecting employee engagement. Whereas, the Emplify engagement assessment is designed to measure engagement on a broad number of dimensions (17 to be exact!).

What topic-based assessments are currently available?

  • Burnout: Find out if your employees are experiencing feelings of exhaustion, apathy, or powerlessness at work.

  • Diversity & Inclusion Progress: Assess your company’s commitment to D&I and how employees perceive your efforts.

  • Working From Home: Evaluate how your employees are coping with WFH, and if they feel equipped to be productive

  • With more coming soon!

Why should my organization use topic-based assessments?

Created with expertise and battle-tested

  • Created with proprietary Emplify assessment research and expertise

  • Field-tested across thousands of respondents for validity and reliability

Get actionable insights through a shorter survey

  • Shorter assessments designed to take in 2-3 minutes

  • Deeper questions about a specific topic designed to help you take action

Save time and money v.s. making your own

  • Get started faster without having to create your own questions and test for validity/reliability

  • Avoid having to buy new survey software and spend valuable time learning it

Receive more responses and richer feedback

  • Use Emplify as an impartial third-party so your employees feel safe responding

  • Emplify’s system solicits open responses

Who receives a topic-based assessment?

Topic-based assessments are sent to all active employees in the organization.

How does it work?

1. Add and schedule the assessment from your Journey timeline

The Engagement Admin for your organization can add the assessment by selecting the Add Event button from the Journey timeline.

Select the engagement cycle where you want to add the assessment, select the topic-based assessment type, then select the topic you want to use. Click Add Event to add the assessment to your timeline.

The Engagement Admin can then schedule the launch date for the assessment.

2. Update employee data to prepare for the assessment.

The assessment is sent to all employees in your organization. You can make updates to the employee list in the Settings > Employees section of the Insights dashboard or attach a spreadsheet for our team to import. If you have questions, contact our support team at help@emplify.com.

3. On the assessment launch day, employees will receive invitations to take the assessment via email or SMS.

The assessment will be open for five business days. Employees that have not responded will get reminders each day.

4. Once the assessment has closed, responses will be available on the timeline for your organization.

Leaders will have access to results for the same groups as the engagement assessment.

5. Review results and read the feedback employees shared.

Results can be filtered to drill down into specific segments. No results will be shown for any segments with fewer than five responses.

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