If you have a lot of employees to add or edit at once, we can import the data from a spreadsheet. Follow these steps:

1. Download your existing employee list (which you can use as a template for formatting)

Employee File Download Button

The template is available under Settings > Employees in the Insights Dashboard. If this is your first Emplify assessment, the spreadsheet will include any users with access and the segments that you have selected to include in your reports.

If you are preparing for a subsequent assessment, the template will include all active employees as well as the segments and groups used in your last assessment.

2. Edit employee data in the spreadsheet

  • New Employees - Add details for new employees to new rows in the spreadsheet.

  • Inactive Employees - If an employee is no longer active, update their status in the Employment Status column. Mark any employees that have exited the organization as separated_voluntary or separated_involuntary. Employees that are currently on leave and should not be included in the survey should be marked as inactive.

  • Updates to employees - You can make changes to contact information or the groups an employee is in by editing their row in the spreadsheet.

3. Attach the updated spreadsheet in People Insights

Attach the spreadsheet with the changes you would like made in the Settings > Attachments section of the Insights Dashboard. Our support team will import the file and work with you to make sure the changes are made correctly.

To allow time for the changes to be made, please attach the spreadsheet no later than two (2) business days before the assessment launch date.

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