Burnout Assessment
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Statements included in the Burnout Assessment

  1. My work hours rarely interfere with my personal life.

  2. I receive feedback from my manager on a regular basis.

  3. There are career growth opportunities for me at this organization.

  4. I feel that I am able to meet the deadlines set for me at work.

  5. The number of hours I work each week is reasonable.

  6. I get sufficient feedback from my manager about how well I am doing.

  7. I have a promising future with this organization.

  8. I am confident in my ability to handle competing demands at work.

  9. I have adequate time to recover after periods of heavy work.

  10. I am satisfied with how often my manager communicates with me.

  11. Overall I feel this organization is just and fair in the way it treats and rewards employees.

  12. The responsibilities of my job are clear.

  13. I feel like I can take a vacation when I need it.

  14. My manager cares about me as a person.

  15. I am proud of how this organization treats its employees.

  16. Overall, I have a good understanding of what I am supposed to be doing in my job.

  17. I am rarely overwhelmed by pressure at work.

  18. My manager understands what situations create stress for me.

  19. This organization values the work that I do.

  20. It is clear which work responsibilities belong to me versus my colleagues.

Open Response Question

What suggestions do you have for this organization to help prevent or better manage issues related to employee burnout?

Who receives the Burnout assessment?

The Burnout assessment is sent to all active employees in the organization.

How does it work?

1. Contact our support team if you would like to run the Burnout assessment.

You can contact the team by messaging them in the product or by emailing help@emplify.com. Our team will add the assessment to your timeline so you can schedule the start date.

2. Update employee data to prepare for the assessment.

The assessment is sent to all employees in your organization. You can make updates to the employee list in the Settings > Employees section of the Insights dashboard or attach a spreadsheet for our team to import. If you have questions, contact our support team at help@emplify.com.

3. On the assessment launch day, employees will receive invitations to take the assessment via email or SMS.

The assessment will be open for five business days. Employees that have not responded will get reminders each day.

4. Once the assessment has closed, responses will be available on the timeline for your organization.

Leaders will have access to results for the same groups as the engagement assessment.

5. Review results and read the feedback employees shared.

Results can be filtered to drill down into specific segments. No results will be shown for any segments with fewer than five responses.

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