The engagement journey timeline helps you review and plan for upcoming events with Emplify. Follow these steps to get started:

1. Schedule your Kickoff with your Account Manager

Begin your journey by meeting with your Emplify Account Manager. They will be your guide throughout the process.

This time will be spent discussing your goals and strategy for employee engagement. You can schedule the 45-minute meeting by selecting the Schedule button next to the kickoff event. Make sure to invite other leaders in your organization that will be involved in reviewing results and determining the overall strategy for employee engagement.

2. Plan your current engagement cycle

Review the events in your first engagement cycle and start scheduling dates that work best for you and your organization.

Start by selecting the launch date for the first engagement assessment. This will be the date and time when the assessment will be sent to all employees. Additional reminders will be sent every 24 hours after the launch time for four additional days.

Next, schedule times for your results briefing calls. These are one-hour meetings with you People Insights Consultant to review the data from the engagement assessment and plan for next steps. Make sure to allow for at least three business days after your engagement assessment ends before scheduling a briefing call.

3. Review the plan for future engagement cycles

Look at the future engagement cycles and start planning for upcoming dates. We recommend scheduling dates for the remaining engagement assessments. Typically, the assessment runs on a 90, 120, or 180-day cadence. You can always update or reschedule later, but this lets you plan for the best cadence to gather employee feedback.

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