1:1 Question Bank

A list of questions to ask in 1:1 meetings with your employees

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Standard Questions

  • What is going well in your role/responsibilities, big or small?

  • What is your biggest challenge right now?

  • What is on your radar for next week?

  • Where do you need help in the next week?

Personal Development Questions

As time allows, over the course of the quarter, add in an additional question or two to ask each meeting

  • Are there any key areas in which you aren’t satisfied with your progress? If so, what do you need to do to make progress?

  • What is one personal goal you would feel comfortable sharing with the team so we can all support and encourage you?

  • Are you crystal clear on your role and what you should be working on? If not, where do you need more clarity?

  • What is most likely to distract or interfere with your ability to focus in the coming week?

  • When do you have the most fun at work?

  • What or who inspired you this week?

  • How are you impacting the people around you?

  • If you could take a task or responsibility off of your plate and delegate it to someone else, what would that be?

  • If 10% of your weekly work hours were blocked off and you were given a chance to do whatever you want (still related to work), what would you do?

  • How can you tell when you are starting to feel overwhelmed or stressed out?

  • Of your recent accomplishments or efforts, what are you most proud of and why?

  • Is there something within our work/team/org. you would like to try but haven’t been given a chance?

Culture & Team Building Questions

  • What is one quality you see in a team member that you want to develop in your own thinking, habits, or actions?

  • Was there a recent team discussion or meeting where you either didn’t get to or decided not to share your thoughts? Share them here.

  • How have you improved being part of a team that is spread out during the week? Have you identified any challenges to this work environment for you?

  • What was something a team member did recently that went above and beyond or demonstrated great character?

  • What topics or questions do you want or need to discuss during your next one-on-one time with me or with your supervisor?

  • How can I/management better serve you and the team?

  • What do we need to get better at as a team right now?

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