Drivers 101: Goal Support
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What is the goal support driver?

Goal Support measures how organizations help to remove barriers and enable employees to achieve their work goals. It helps us understand if employees feel blocked from achieving outcomes due to circumstances in their work environment or related to organizational processes.

Goal Support is impacted by the systems, processes, and resources that are provided to employees to help them achieve goals and outcomes.

What statements measure the goal support driver?

In the Emplify Engagement Assessment, employees are prompted to reflect on the following statements related to Fairness and share how strongly they agree or disagree:

  • There is a great support system at this organization that helps me achieve my work goals.

  • My organization helps to limit the number of distractions that keep me from achieving my goals.

  • My organization provides me with what I need to help achieve my goals.

How does the goal support driver impact engagement?

Employees tend to perceive that goal support as something that is primarily impacted by the company. When goal support is not available, this can have an impact on achieving targets, morale, and can contribute to feelings of burnout for employees.

Promoting goal support as an organization leader

As an organization leader, you can promote goal support through the processes and training that are available within the organization. Evaluate the processes and tools that employees rely on to accomplish their work goals. Are there places where these are outdated or broken? Can more flexibility be introduced to give employees additional autonomy? Training can also help employees learn the skills or develop the confidence they need to achieve the desired outcomes. Make sure there are ways for employees to access training, development, or additional resources as they work toward stretching goals.

Promoting goal support as a direct manager

As a direct manager, you can serve as an advocate for your team as they work toward their goals by helping to indentify, remove, or escalate barriers that are impacting their progress. Think about areas in which you can empower your team to say "no" when something will conflict with goal progress. Also look for opportunities to explain and clarify to your team the process for how their goals were set and how reaching the goals will impact the business as this business context can help drive motivation.

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