Drivers 101: Coworker Relationships
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What is the coworker relationships driver?

The coworker relationships driver points to positive relationships among employees that work closely together. When there are rewarding interactions and healthy communication between coworkers, this can lead to a higher level of engagement.

Strong coworker relationships stem from respect among employees who work closely together. In this environment, they feel safe to share ideas and collaborate with one another. This doesn't mean that everyone will be best friends or always get along, but the foundation of trust and respect leads to this driver being strong.

What statements measure the coworker relationships driver?

In the Emplify Engagement Assessment, employees are prompted to reflect on the following statements related to Coworker Relationships and share how strongly they agree or disagree:

  • My coworkers value my input.

  • I trust my coworkers.

  • My coworkers and I have mutual respect for one another.

How do coworker relationships impact engagement?

Positive and rewarding coworker relationships create an environment that encourages greater employee engagement. It leads to healthy teams that have trust and respect. This sense of connection and safety in the workplace can be an important aspect of employee engagement.

Promoting positive coworker relationships as an organization leader

As an organization leader, consider how healthy coworker relationships can be emphasized as part of your company culture. This may even be something to include as part of the core values or to foster through peer recognition programs. Creating an environment where coworker relationships can thrive extends to who is being considered as new hires. Looking for collaborative qualities when hiring can continue to build this aspect of your culture. Finally, look for ways to help employees better understand one another through tools like personality assessments or generational training.

Promoting positive coworker relationships as a direct manager

As a direct manager, you have the benefit of being able to keep a pulse on the relationships within your team. Promoting frequent communication among teammates through standups or regular team meetings can help create alignment among employees. Watch for negative behavior like backstabbing or shooting down other's ideas as this can hurt progress toward healthy relationships.

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