Statements included in the Diversity & Inclusion Progress Assessment

  1. Employees at my company are treated fairly on the basis of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and age.

  2. Leaders at my company have made me feel I can approach them regarding issues of fairness, equity, inclusion, and diversity.

  3. My company is taking action to address issues of fairness, diversity, equity and inclusion.

  4. Diversity and inclusion should be a top priority at my company.

  5. I would feel comfortable speaking up if I saw unfairness, discrimination, or injustice.

  6. I am comfortable discussing matters of diversity and inclusion with my manager.

  7. My manager has shown a commitment to diversity and inclusion.

  8. My company would take strict action against discrimination or prejudice.

  9. The people I work with every day respect employees of different races, sexual-orientations, genders, gender identities, and ages.

  10. My company communicates frequently about its diversity policies and practices.

  11. I'm proud of the progress my company is making on issues related to fairness, diversity, and inclusion.

  12. People of all backgrounds have a fair chance to be hired and promoted at my company.

  13. On the whole, I feel I am treated fairly and with respect by the people I work with.

  14. I have never witnessed or experienced any form of discrimination or prejudice at my company.

  15. I consider myself a part of a member of a minority or marginalized group.

Open Response Question

What suggestions do you have to help the company to improve in areas of diversity, inclusion, and fairness? Your response is confidential and will be shared anonymously in the results unless you choose to intentionally identify yourself in your response.

About the assessment:

  • The assessment consists of 15 questions and one optional, open response question.

  • It should take employees about 2 minutes to complete.

  • To protect anonymity, results will only be displayed once three responses have been received. We recommend including at least three employees in the assessment.

  • Employees have three days to respond and results are available in real time after at least three responses have been submitted.

  • All responses are confidential and presented anonymously, so employees can respond honestly.

  • Emplify will manage sending the assessment to your employees, collecting their responses, and calculating results. No work needed from you!

If you'd like to use this assessment for your team, you can set it up here.

An important note:

Every company has progress to make on issues of diversity and inclusion. You can expect to see a lower-than-average positive response rate on this assessment, as very few companies are doing everything right. Don’t be discouraged! We designed this progress assessment to help you identify potential issues and areas to focus on. If you’d like a deeper understanding of these topics in your organization, or want help planning your next steps, please reach out to a member of our team.

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