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What browsers do we support at Emplify and how do we approach that support framework?

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At Emplify, we take quality and performance seriously and want to make sure that we meet you where you are and can deliver the best experience possible.

That is why we are careful about what browsers we support and test for. We also have different experiences in our software that demand different support conditions. The article below lays out those different environments and how we approach support for each.

Empily Portal for Leaders

For the Emplify People Insights portal, we support the latest versions of these browsers:

We no longer support Internet Explorer in the Insights Portal due to security risks and Microsoft's own declaration that IE should only be used for compatibility purposes for legacy applications.

Emplify Survey Taking Experience

For the Emplify survey, we support a much wider array of browsers and devices. Since the survey is commonly taken on mobile devices, you should expect support for any Webkit or Chromium based browser across standard mobile device screen sizes and resolutions. We always are testing to support as many devices as reasonable and treat this experiences as a consumer experience that we want to work for the significant majority of users. We do not support non-smartphone browsers and only target the primary operating systems with the majority of users (Android and iOS).

We regularly test against the latest device/browser combinations:

Safari (on the latest iOS devices)

Chrome (Android devices with hdpi, xhdpi, xxhdpi device resolutions),

Edge, Safari, Firefox latest versions

We will support and field issue reports for the following situations, but do not actively test against all scenarios:

Popular Android devices based on usage (i.e. Samsung and Motorola devices),

Firefox desktop,

Firefox mobile on Android, Edge mobile on Android

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