People Insights 2.0
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The Insights dashboard is full of updates, including these new improvements:

Unlimited filtering

You can now add multiple segments as filters to engagement data. This makes it easier to drill down, discover actionable insights, and prioritize key areas.

Sentiment Analysis

We've added sentiment analysis to Dynamic Feedback responses. You can view and sort employee comments from your next quarterly survey by the sentiment expressed.

Hidden Attributes

Add new data segments and control who has access to the data. This is a great way to view results for high potential employees or employees who are a culture fit at your organization.

My Views

A saved list of employee groups a leader oversees is available in one spot. This makes it easy for managers in your organization to quickly find and review survey results for the teams they oversee.

Chat Support

In-product chat support is now available. Our team is available to help you use the software, analyze your results, or answer questions about developing as a leader or manager.

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