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How to add and remove team members and what happens in each case

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To manage your team for the COVID-19 assessment tool, you can go to

Here you can add and remove team members. This tool is only intended for one team, so there is no segmentation and you cannot send assessments to different groups of teams. This list will always represent who will get any assessments you have scheduled. 

Adding Employees

You can add employees at any time. 

If you have an assessment already running (meaning it is past the start date/time you picked), a new employee will be added to the assessment and will get the next email notification in the reminder cadence. If you add them after the last notification has gone out they will not have any ability to take the assessment but will be added to the response rate. 

If you add an employee prior to an assessment starting, but after you created it, they'll also be included in the assessment

Removing Employees

Removing an employee in the midst of an assessment, will stop notifications from sending to them, but their result will be included if they responded and they will be included in the response rate even if they didn't respond.

If you remove an employee prior to an assessment starting, they will not be included in any results and will not get the notifications. 

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