Emotional Impact
A guide to understanding results for statements related to the Emotional Impact theme
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The statements:

  • I have a good support system to emotionally get through this.

  • I am genuinely concerned about what's going on right now.

If most employees agreed with the first statement:

They feel that they have emotional support during this time. Review their responses to the second statement to understand their level of concern about the situation. It is important for employees to have proper concern about the impact we are all facing. Business concerns, daily work changes, and personal life concerns can all take focus right now, but it is also important to promote the emotional well-being of employees.

If most employees disagreed with the first statement:

They may need additional support emotionally during this time. Remember that emotional well-being is also important and may require focus. Check-in with employees personally in addition to sharing business or work updates. As you review results, look at the second statement to understand the level of concern employees have regarding this situation. If most of your employees agreed with this statement, they recognize the impact this is having.

Resources We've Found Helpful

Keep a daily schedule with a couple daily goals.

Get outside or find a way to exercise.

Control your media intake. Read some positive things!

Grieve losses and understand new stressors: That Discomfort You're Feeling Is Grief and General Adaptation Syndrome.

Develop a self-care plan
with ideas here as well as the CDC's Taking Care Of Your Emotional Health article.

Train your thoughts with gratefulness exercises or inspiration from Adam Grant's Twitter posts or Daniel Goleman's Virus Survival Mind Hacks. Or this podcast How To Find Peace Amidst COVID-19.

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