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A guide to understanding results for statements related to the Daily Work Life Impact theme

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The statements:

  • I understand how our work policies apply to me at this time. 

  • I have been given the flexibility I need to do my job effectively.

  • Right now, thinking about work exhausts me.

If most employees have agreed with the first two statements and indicated disagree with the last one:

They seem to be adjusting well to the changes in their daily work life. Their responses indicate that they have the flexibility they need to handle the changes they are experiencing and have the bandwidth to still focus on work. Understanding how policies apply during this time is also helping them adjust to the situation. Continue to enable flexibility and respond to the daily work needs of your team during this time. 

If most employees disagreed with the first two statements and agreed with the last one:

They are noticing the impact of the recent changes in their daily work. Keep in mind that many employees are facing remote work for the first time and balancing work priorities with the impact on their personal life - canceled school, daycare availability, and travel restrictions.

Best Practices for Leaders

Emplify is committed to supporting leaders and employees during this time. Here are some of the best practices we've shared internally as we all learn and adapt to the changes we're facing:

Sync as a Team Daily
Schedule a morning standup every day with your team (use tools like Zoom or Google Meet) to clarify daily goals and priorities, encourage and socialize.

Check-in with Employees Individually
Personal daily check-in (video whenever possible if you're remote) between each manager and each of their direct reports. Consistently ask team members what obstacles they are facing and how remote work is going, if applicable.

Stay Focused
Continue to focus on daily activity, priority initiatives and OKR’s for the quarter.

Prioritize Feedback
Continue or even increase feedback to your team during this time. Consider over-communication with the intent of collaboration and relationship-building (including written communication / weekly / bi-weekly write-ups if prudent).

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