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Emplify is committed to supporting leaders and employees during this time. Here are some of the best practices we've shared with each other internally and resources we've found helpful as we all learn and adapt to the changes we're facing:

Personal Well-being

  1. Save time to take care of yourself. Trust the routines that keep you at your healthiest and fight for those even more right now.

  2. Reflect on the positives. Think about what you're grateful for, what is giving you joy right now, and who or what is getting you through this time.

  3. Keep your morning routine. Here is a sample routine you can adapt:

  • Hydrate (drink big glass of water first thing)

  • Journal and read something that has timeless truth

  • Workout

  • 3-minutes of focused gratitude

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Working from Home

  1. Lean into having a call (and video unless impossible) for conversations and follow up with great documentation of the discussion (email or Google Docs) that can be shared out to other team members if needed.

  2. Find a location conducive to your most productive self. Consider a “Do Not Disturb” sign or noise cancelling headphones if needed.

  3. Try getting ready in the same way as if you would go into the office.

  4. Take breaks! It’s easy to feel like you need to be working 100% of the time. Get up, get some coffee. Stop for lunch.

  5. Have an end time. You’ll sometimes not stop at that time, but it’s good to know that it’s ok to stop.

  6. Manage isolation -  If you want to chat with someone, just ask! Many would love to do a 15 minute hangout!

  7. Have backups - In an office, we take a lot of “infrastructure” stuff for granted. At home, the power can go out, a headset can stop working, your Internet might be slow, any of which can be a major productivity killer. So have a plan B for those times, so that you can easily switch without losing focus.

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