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COVID-19 Employee Well-being Assessment Details
COVID-19 Employee Well-being Assessment Details

Read each of the statements on the assessment and the format of the items.

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Statements included in the COVID-19 Assessment

  1. Our organization is responding effectively to the COVID-19 situation.

  2. Our organization is clearly communicating what steps they are taking to respond to the situation.

  3. Our organization is providing me with the support I need regarding the COVID-19 situation

  4. My daily life has been significantly disrupted because of this situation.

  5. I feel exhausted.

  6. I think about how this situation will affect my life going forward.

  7. I believe our organization will be negatively impacted by this situation. 

  8. Our organization is being transparent about the impact of this situation on the business.

  9. I have been given the flexibility I need to do my job effectively.

  10. I understand how our work policies apply to me at this time. 

  11. Right now, thinking about work exhausts me.

  12. I have a good support system to emotionally get through this.

  13. I am genuinely concerned about what's going on right now.

  14. I believe that COVID-19/Coronavirus should be taken seriously. 

  15. This pandemic is a significant event that will have long-lasting effects.

Open Response Question

What could your manager and/or organization do to help you and your coworkers be effective during this time? Your response is confidential and will be shared anonymously with your employer unless you choose to identify yourself in your response.

About the assessment:

  • The assessment consists of 15 questions and one optional, open response question.

  • It should take employees about 2 minutes to complete.

  • To protect anonymity, results will only be displayed once three responses have been received. We recommend including at least three employees in the assessment.

  • Employees have three days to respond and results are available in real-time after at least three responses have been submitted.

  • All responses are confidential so employees can respond honestly.

  • Emplify will manage sending the assessment to your employees, collecting their responses, and calculating results. No work needed from you!

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