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Scheduling, running, and reviewing results of the Emplify Employee Well-Being Assessments
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Emplify is offering a free employee well-being assessment tool to measure employee sentiment on emerging topics in the workplace. To use this tool for your team, sign-up here. We'll guide you through the simple setup. You can get results within a few hours once you pick an assessment and start collecting responses.

Once you have created your free account, you can create a new assessment. Note: if you are a current Emplify customer, you’ll need to create a new, separate account for this tool.

To create a new assessment, click on the create assessment button in the upper right hand corner of the page. There are three steps to setting up your first assessment.

1. Selecting the assessment

There are three active assessment types that you can run in the tool. The first is a general COVID-19 Well-being assessment. The second assessment is tailored to organizations and groups who are working from home during the crisis. The third assessment measures your company's progress on issues of diversity and inclusion.

2. Add the list of emails for employees on your team separated by a comma.
To display results for the assessment, at least three responses are required.

3. Select the date and time to send the assessment.
We'll send an invitation to the employees you uploaded to take the assessment at the time you choose. Two reminders will be sent to employees who have not participated, at 24 and 48 hours after the start time.

Communicating with your Team

Before the assessment begins, we recommend communicating with your team so they know to expect the invitation email. Some key points to communicate:

  • Why you've chosen to send the assessment and why it is important

  • Employees will receive an email invitation from a third-party, Emplify, and their responses will be confidential

  • The assessment will take less than two minutes of their time

  • The information gathered will help you act to better support them

We've created a communication template that you can use and customize for your team.

Gathering Employee Responses

Emplify will manage sending the assessment to your employees, collecting their responses, and calculating results. No work needed from you!

Viewing Results

At the end of the three-day assessment, results will be available for you to review. You'll receive an email from Emplify alerting you that the results have been calculated and are ready.

To protect anonymity, at least three responses to the assessment are required to view results.

Results include: 

1. The response rate from employees - what percent of the employees invited participated

2. Responses to each of the 12 statements - review the percent of employees that disagreed, agreed, or replied neither for each statement

3. Your leader responses next to your team's response - this is intended to help you understand and relate to their responses by understanding objectively how you responded to the same items.

3. All anonymous comments submitted by employees - These are filtered by sentiment and keywords so you can easily see common responses and the feelings behind each.

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