Emplify Survey 4.0
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After months of testing and loads of valuable feedback from customers like you, we're excited to release Emplify Survey 4.0. With this release, survey results are now categorized into Spheres of Experience, qualitative data is collected faster using Dynamic Feedback, and we’ve updated four engagement drivers to better capture the employee experience.

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Spheres of Experience

Our 17 engagement drivers are now categorized into four Spheres of Experience - Leadership, Manager, Coworkers, and Work Experience. This gives employees more context as they respond to the survey and helps leaders know where to act based on survey results.

Dynamic Feedback

Dynamic Feedback, is an AI-generated, open-ended question at the end of the Emplify Survey. Within seconds, individual results are analyzed and the employee is asked to share ideas on a key area.

Driver Improvements

In Survey 4.0, we refined four of our existing drivers to capture deeper insights. Trust and Friendship have evolved into Coworker Relationships, Authenticity is further defined through Leader Integrity and Leader Availability, and Competency has been clarified to represent Goal Support. We've also made updates to some of the other survey statements. 

All historical trending data from previous surveys is still available and will display as part of your Survey 4.0 results.

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