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Overview of the Engage Dashboard

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The first section in the Insights Dashboard is Results. Detailed survey results for the organization and all employee groups are available in the Results section. Go to this section to view the Emplify score, response rate, and engagement driver scores.


The second section of the Insights Dashboard is Feedback. This includes employee responses to Dynamic Feedback and SmartPulse.


The third section in the Insights Dashboard 2.0 menu is Actions. The Overview page is where leaders can monitor action progress in the organization.

Leaders can plan and review their own actions under My Actions. The actions that are logged by other leaders in the organization are listed under All Action Plans.

Details about coaching sessions with the Emplify team will be listed on the Coaching page.


The fourth menu option is Settings. Only Account Owners and Organization Admins have access to this section. The Employees page is where employee data can be added, edited, or removed and access to the survey results can be assigned.

The list of employee groups and live group response rates is available within Structure.

New spreadsheets with employee census data can be uploaded in the Attachments portion of Settings.


The Me section content is only available to you. It contains your profile information and the ability to Sign Out from the Insights Dashboard.


The Help section links to the Emplify Knowledge Base with support articles on our methodology, process, and the Insights Dashboard.

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