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People Insights 2.0: Results
People Insights 2.0: Results

Data available in the Results section of Emplify Insights

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The Results section displays survey results for the Organization and all groups. Each results page includes the following sections:

  • Overview

  • Drivers

  • Heatmap

  • People

Overview Tab

Emplify Score and Response Rate

Emplify Score
The first section on the Overview tab displays the most recent Emplify Score for the entire organization along with the associated engagement level and industry benchmark comparison.

Click the "i" icon in the upper right corner to view the Emplify Score Guide. This compares the organization Emplify Score to the average Emplify score in our database.

Emplify Score Trend
Next to the Emplify Score is the Emplify Score Trend. This displays the scores from previous Emplify surveys to monitor the increase or decrease over time. The dotted gray line on the graph represents the average score in Emplify's database for easy comparison. Hover over the graph to see the previous Emplify Scores.

Response Rate
The response rate for the most recent Emplify Survey is shown along with the count of participants and total employees. Below the current response rate, is a graph with the response rates from previous surveys. This graph can be used to track how the response rate has trended over time. Hovering on any point on the graph will display the survey date and response rate.

Engagement Flow
The Engagement Flow chart represents how many employees were in each engagement level (Highly Disengaged, Disengaged, Moderately Engaged, Highly Engaged, Extremely Engaged) from the last four Emplify surveys.

For organization results, the following functionality is available:

When the Engagement Flow is on the count view, hover over any bracket to reveal the flow of employees into and/or out of that bracket. Use this to understand if employees are improving or declining in engagement.


The Compare section of the Overview tab lists the Emplify scores for groups in the organization as a "leaderboard." Add that group as a filter to see results for that specific group.

Drivers Tab

The Engagement Drivers table lists the results for all the drivers Emplify measures. The following data is available in the Engagement Drivers table:

  • Name - Hover on the name to read the definition and survey statements for that driver.

  • Score - The Score column lists the driver scores from the survey. 

  • Influence - The Influence bubble shows how a driver is related to the overall engagement of the organization.

  • Change - The Change column shows the increase or decrease in the driver from the previous survey to the current survey.

  • Trend - The Trend column displays the change in driver scores over the past four surveys.

Each column in the Engagement Drivers can be sorted to adjust and analyze the data.

Heatmap Tab

Select on Attribute on the Heatmap tab to compare driver scores for multiple segments. The heatmap displays the 17 driver scores for the most recent Emplify Survey with two colors, orange and blue.

The scores are compared to the average driver score from employee responses in our database. This average score is the Emplify Index. The typical range for driver scores is -4 to +4 from our Emplify Index.

  • Scores that are above the index (0 to +4) are displayed in blue and show that those drivers are strong in the work environment.

  • Scores that are below the index (-4 to 0) are displayed in orange and show that those drivers could be improved.

To see the trend data for each driver, hover over any box on the heatmap.

People Tab

The People tab is available on any group results pages. It displays the name, email address, and/or phone number of all employees that are included in the group. This does not reflect who participated in the survey.

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