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Sharing Results with Your Team
Sharing Results with Your Team

Tactics for sharing results with your team for group leaders

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You’ve had your Emplify Engagement Coaching session - you are now equipped with a better understanding of your team’s needs and a game plan for tackling the most critical areas of concern.

While we know you’re eager to get to work on improving engagement, the most important next step is sharing what you learned and intended course of action directly with your team. 

Here’s why:

  1. People want to feel heard - You asked them for their honest, open, and candid feedback...and they gave it to you. Good, bad, or otherwise, employees want to know their opinion matters. Nothing damages trust in this process more than forgetting to close the feedback loop.

  2. You need to be rowing in the same direction - Your team will benefit from transparency on what you’re aiming towards so they can work with you to accomplish the goal. Just as your leadership team can’t do engagement without your help, you need your team to be part of the solution with you. 

  3. Actions speak louder than words - By telling your team what you’re going to do and then putting that plan into motion, not only are you more likely to follow through, but this allows employees to feel the immediate impact of sharing their feedback.

Here’s how:

Depending on the size and structure of your team there are a number of avenues to communicate group results and subsequent course of action. 

  1. Email - Use this email template to share what you learned and the action you selected in your engagement session

  2. Download and share big picture data. You can now download result charts and visuals directly from the Emplify portal. These are great for presentations. 

  3. Face-to-face - Use team meeting time to review results and discuss as a group. 

If you have any more questions about sharing your results with your team, reach out to 

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