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Email Template for Group Leaders: Sharing Results with Your Team
Email Template for Group Leaders: Sharing Results with Your Team

Template for group leaders to share engagement results and actions with their team

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Dear Team,

I’m writing to thank each of you for taking the time to participate in our recent Emplify survey. Your voices help me to better understand areas of focus for our team. I’m committed to using your candid feedback to help guide us through places where we may have challenges and encourage us in our strengths.

As you know, our organization has committed to a collective focus on the area of [Insert driver] by [Insert action item]. While it’s important for us  to row in the same direction towards this initiative, I know that each team is unique, and so, I want to share with you some of our group’s results as well as what I plan to do about it.

  • A few of our top scoring areas include: [driver name and driver name ex: Feedback and Professional Development] which means that [describe what it means. Ex: employees feel they are getting the feedback they need to understand their performance and the path for their growth and advancement].

  • Some of our lower scoring areas include [driver name and driver name ex: Shared Values and Trust] which suggests that [describe what it means. Ex: we need to get better at working collaboratively and treating each other with openness and respect].

Here is how I plan to act as a result: [Choose one driver area specific action that you feel you can commit to and follow-through on. Ex: I will be working with our HR department to hold a half day team building exercise with our group aimed at breaking down barriers and enhancing our communication with one another].

 Engagement is an ongoing process. We will never be “done” in our improvement efforts; there will always be areas we can continue to grow, both individually and as a team. Continue helping us get better together by taking the Emplify survey each quarter so that we can see the progress of our actions for the team. Feel free to come talk to me directly if you have any questions or suggestions as we continue this journey, together.

Thank you for your trust and for being part of the solution,


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