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The Emplify Purpose driver is intended to assess the employee's understanding, belief, and alignment with your organization's purpose. Organizations express this in different ways so our survey items are general expressions of understanding and alignment.

As you can see below, they reference end goals ("trying to accomplish"), broad mission (why [it] "exists"), and then assess if that feeling is shared across the people the employee works with.

I have a good idea of what this organization is trying to accomplish.
I know why this organization exists.
I feel a shared sense of purpose with my work group.

This is intended to get at three different reasons why organizational purpose might be struggling.

  1. Lack of awareness of the goals of the organization.

  2. Lack of understanding of what motivates and inspires the goals of the organization.

  3. Employees might have the above elements, but don't believe others share them or understand them. This is a test for the robustness of that message and understanding across the organization as seen by individual employees.

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