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Managers are the Key to Unlocking Employee Engagement

If you’ve ever left a job (or stayed at one) because of your boss, you’re not alone. The relationship between an employee and their manager is one of the top drivers of employee engagement and leading indicators of employee turnover. Read More

Engagement Data Reveals Which Leadership Qualities REALLY Matter in Management

It’s one of the greatest mysteries of the modern workforce: What really makes outstanding managers so darn effective, and how can companies repeat their successes? Read More

What the Best Managers Do Differently - And How Employers Can Support Them

It’s often said that employees don’t leave companies; they leave bad bosses. But put a great manager at the head of a team, and the opposite happens. Read More

Managing Managers Effectively: The One Question All Leaders Should Ask More Often

With everything a manager does—setting team goals, evaluating individual performance, fostering collaboration, checking progress—the position necessitates talking, and a lot of it. So we all need the occasional reminder that sometimes, the best thing to do is listen. Read More

Managers: It's Time to Stop Delegating and Start Autonomizing

How much do you (or your managers) delegate? If the answer is “a good bit,” it may be time for a different approach. Read More

Why Annual Performance Reviews are Ineffective

Meeting more frequently empowers managers to be coaches and leaders for professional development, rather than just a source of fact or the point person to compare employees. Read More

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