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Use these steps to reset your password for the Insights Portal

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Using Engagement with the 15Five Integration

If you are using 15Five to login to the engagement dashboard and sync data, follow these steps:

1. Go to your 15Five login page.

2. Follow these steps to reset your password.

3. Once your password is reset, log in to your 15Five account.

4. Click on Engagement in the navigation to access the engagement dashboard.

Using Engagement without the 15Five Integration

If you are logging into the engagement dashboard separately from 15Five, follow these steps:

3. Enter your email address and click SEND RESET EMAIL
Use the email address that was provided to Emplify in your organization's employee census.

4. Look for the password reset email in your inbox and click the RESET PASSWORD button
If your email address matches one in the Emplify system, you'll receive an email with a link to reset your password.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The link expires after 3 days. If your link expires, simply request a new one here

5. Create a new password and Sign In
The password must:

  • Be 8 characters in length

  • Contain lowercase letters (a-z)

  • Contain uppercase letters (A-Z)

  • Contain numbers (0-9)

Troubleshooting Tips:

  • If you don't see the password reset email in your Inbox, check your Spam folder to see if it is was unintentionally marked as Spam.

  • Check that the email you used matches the one that is listed in the employee census provided to Emplify. The email must match what is in our system to receive the password reset email.

  • If the password reset email isn't in your Inbox or Spam folder and your email address is correct, navigate to and click password reset and follow the instructions.

  • If you are still having trouble, email for assistance.

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