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Survey results for a specific group from the most recent Emplify Survey are available on the Group Detail. This can be accessed by clicking on a group name on Welcome or the List/Heatmap tabs in Results.

When viewing the results of a specific Group Detail, you can also switch between groups using the dropdown in the upper left corner.

The following data is available on the Group Detail:

  • Emplify Score and Response Rate

  • Focus Areas

  • Engagement Drivers

  • Group Member List

  • Cross-segment functionality

Emplify Score and Response Rate

Emplify Score

The first section on the Group Detail displays the most recent Emplify Score for the group along with the action that group needs (Celebrate, Recognize, Encourage, Develop, or Invest). Hover on the action label to see a description of what that means for the group.

Click the "i" icon in the upper right corner to view the Emplify Score Guide. This compares the Emplify Score for the group to the average group Emplify Score in our database.

Next to the Emplify Score is the Emplify Score Trend. The green line displays the group's scores from previous Emplify surveys to track the increase or decrease over time. For comparison, the organization's scores are represented by the blue line. Hover over the graph to see the previous Emplify Scores.

If a group has experienced any noteworthy events that may have impacted their score, your Strategist can track these as part of your survey results. Hover over a point on the graph to see the events associated with that survey. 

Response Rate

The response rate for the most recent Emplify Survey is shown along with the count of participants and total employees in the group. Below the current response rate, is a graph with the response rates from the last four surveys. This graph can be used to track how the response rate has trended over time. Hovering on any point on the graph will display the survey date and response rate.

Engagement Breakdown

The Engagement Breakdown chart represents the percent of employees at each engagement level (Highly Disengaged, Disengaged, Moderately Engaged, Highly Engaged, Extremely Engaged) for the group from the last four Emplify surveys. The view helps you understand shifts in engagement for employees over time.

Focus Areas

Focus Areas display the drivers that are strengths and struggles for the group based on recent survey results. These are selected using a combination of their Influence within the organization and the driver score. Hover on the driver names to view the definition and associated survey statements.

Engagement Drivers

The Engagement Drivers table lists the results for all the drivers Emplify measures. The following data is available in the Engagement Drivers table:

  • Name - Each engagement driver, including Strengths and Struggles, is included in this list. Hover on the name to read the definition and survey statements for that driver.

  • Score - The Score column lists the group's driver scores from the survey. 

  • Influence - The Influence bubble shows how a driver is related to the overall engagement of the organization.

  • Change - The Change column helps you quickly identify which drivers are improving or declining within the group from the previous survey to the current survey.

  • Trend - The Trend column displays the change in driver scores over the past four surveys. You can quickly identify which areas are trending up or down and see how the score compares to the Emplify average.

Each column in the Engagement Drivers can be sorted to adjust and analyze the data.

Group Member List

The Group Member List allows you to view a list of employees that were included in the group at the time of the survey. The list includes the name, email address, and phone number for employees in that group. You can search for specific employees or sort any column to review the data.

Note: The list reflects employees that were included in the group at the time of the survey. If grouping changes were made after the survey, those changes will not be shown in the list. This list represents all employees that were included in that group and does not indicate which employees participated in the survey. Individual responses are always kept confidential by Emplify.

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