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View driver scores for a group compared to the organization scores

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The Heatmap tab in Results presents the driver scores for a group compared to the organization. The heatmap allows you to quickly identify areas that are doing well and areas that need attention. The following features are available on this view:

Driver Scores

The heatmap displays the 17 driver scores for the most recent Emplify Survey with two colors, orange and blue.

The scores are compared to the average score from employees in our database for each driver. This average score is the Emplify Index. The typical range for driver scores is -4 to +4.

  • Scores that are above the index (0 to +4) are displayed in blue and show that those drivers are strong in the work environment.

  • Scores that are below the index (-4 to 0) are displayed in orange and show that those drivers could be improved.

To see the actual scores for each driver, you can hover over any box on the heatmap.

This will display the score along with more details, including the percent change since last survey and trend line showing how that score has changed over time.

To see all the scores displayed on the heatmap, toggle the option to Show numerical values on.

Organization Influence

Influence shows how important a driver is to your organization's Emplify Score. 

As you look at the driver results on the heatmap, use the Influence bubbles at the top to understand which drivers are most important to engagement for your employees. The larger the Influence bubble, the more likely that driver will have an impact on your Emplify Score.

Driver Definitions and Statements

To read the definition and survey statements associated with each driver, hover on the name.

Group Name

The row with driver data for your group is labeled with the group name.

Click on the group name to view additional data on the group's survey results. 

Emplify Score and Response Count

Below each group name is the Emplify Score for the group and the response count.

The response count compares the number of survey respondents to the number of employees in that group.

To protect employee confidentiality, Emplify has a Rule of 5 policy. We will not reveal data for groups with less than five employees or fewer than five responses to the survey. Groups that do not meet the rule of 5 are hidden from the heatmap. To view which groups have been hidden, toggle the option to Show hidden groups on.

Note: This will not show any score information for these groups. It will only display the group name and response count.

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