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Manager Results Live Email Template
Manager Results Live Email Template

Email template to notify managers when their data is ready

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As of this morning, your team's results are live on the Emplify website ( Please sign up and view your team's results. 

One of our goals as an organization is for our people to be extremely engaged, and we can't do that unless leaders at every level are involved. Don't forget that there is also significant personal benefit for you in humbly submitting yourself to this process. You can't get better and we can't get better unless we objectively identify strengths to double down on and areas of growth to commit to action. 

Just as you are looking at your results, I will be looking at mine. Attached here is a worksheet framework that can make your team's data understandable and actionable. Fill out this worksheet to identify the top thing you can work on, then talk through what you learned with your team. Your supervisor is also available to talk through the results and point you to relevant resources from Emplify if needed. 

Thank you for your commitment to this process. We're going to get better because we will do this together. 

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