Drivers create an environment where employees can engage with their work and help identify weaknesses to address

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Engagement Drivers influence engagement

There are 17 factors that employee engagement research identifies as influencers or "levers" of engagement. They relate to workplace qualities and feelings that allow employees to engage with their work.

Drivers are measured against an index

In the Emplify survey, employees report how much they agree or disagree with survey statements related to each driver.

Employees' average responses to the statements for each driver are compared to an indexed average of responses from our database. This produces the driver scores:

  • High driver scores (0 to +4) are displayed in blue and show that those drivers are strong in the work environment.

  • Low driver scores (-4 to 0) are displayed in red/orange and show that those drivers could be better supported.

The score and Influence for each driver help organizations determine what is contributing to engagement and what can be acted on to improve engagement.

The driver scores are available on the Heatmap and Engagement Drivers table in the Emplify Portal.

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