If you have employees that speak French, the Emplify Survey and survey communication to employees are available in French. This is included in specific product packages and your Customer Success Manager will help you get this setup before your Emplify Survey starts. Use this quick list to get started!

1. Choose the default language for the Emplify Survey

Our goal is to send communications and provide the survey to employees in their preferred language. The Emplify system does a great job of recognizing what an employee's preferred language is and sending future communication in that language. If we don't have the preferred language for an employee, we will send the initial communications in the default language you have selected. We recommend selecting the language that the majority of your employees speak as the default language. Let your CSM know the language you would like for the default language.

2. Specify the preferred language for your employees

If you know the preferred language for your employees, this can be specified on the Employee Data Template. Setting the preferred language before the survey begins ensures that employees receive the initial survey invitation in their preferred language. Use the "locale" column (column L) on the spreadsheet to list the preferred language for your employees: 

  • en-us: Specifies that the preferred language for an employee is English

  • fr-fr: Specifies that the preferred language for an employee is French

Following these steps will get your survey ready to be sent in French. Your CSM is available to help along the way and can answer any questions. To learn about the employee experience for taking the survey in French, go here.

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