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How do I prepare my leaders/managers to "do" engagement?
How do I prepare my leaders/managers to "do" engagement?

Best practices on involving the next level of leadership in the engagement process

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1. Understand and act on your own engagement data 

If the C-suite doesn't believe it and do it, folks under you will be slower to buy in.

2. Call a meeting with your direct reports

We’ve created this short presentation deck to help you explain why this matters and what to do about it. There are three parts:

  1. What is employee engagement?

  2. Why should I care?

  3. What do I do now?

3. Give your manager(s) access to their results in Emplify 

Here's how

4. Expect them to pick "1 thing" to act on

They can use our action planning tool to guide them through selecting an action.

If you have manager(s) who need some extra help either to get on board or to walk through this, ask your Strategist for help.

5. Encourage and hold them accountable

Remind managers that perfection is the enemy of progress. We want each manager to "own" his/her action by sharing with his/her team and doing it. Sometimes talking about these actions with peers is very encouraging.

How are you going to hold them accountable to act? Will they turn in their worksheet, or will they have a 1:1 meeting with you to discuss? If there’s no accountability, there will be little action and therefore little results and even employee doubt in the survey process.

Each of these five steps is crucial for effective adoption of the engagement process. Don’t do it halfway. If you’re bought in, your direct reports will follow, and your organization after that. 

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