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Should I give my leaders/managers access?
Should I give my leaders/managers access?

When do I bring my trusted lieutenants into the engagement process?

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The only way you can make true engagement change is by making a cultural shift, and you can't do that alone. 

“When is the right time?” 

We recommending bringing in leaders in waves by authority level, and that entire authority level at the same time to avoid creating circles of distrust or misinformation.

Some organizations move faster through this process than others. If you have greater than 500 employees, it's usually takes closer to 9 months (or 3 surveys) to work through the key layers of the org chart down to line-level managers.

With less than 500 employees, all layers of authority can often be included in 6 months (or 2 surveys).

You should follow the same process with each authority layer as you give them access to their data. Read our best practices on the "how" here

This strategic adoption down the organization ensures that not only do people understand how to use their engagement data, but they believe in it and trust that it will work to make change on their teams.


Not all people leaders will be able to see their team's results. Emplify always follows the Rule of 5, which states we only show results for groups that have with 5+ respondents. While this may feel frustrating to some, this is for the protection of the employees and managers.

As always, let us know if you have any other questions. We’re here to help.

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