The Rule of Five
Explanation of our "Rule of Five" confidentiality policy
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The best way to get employees to participate in an engagement survey, and give honest feedback, is to give them the confidence their responses are confidential. To ensure this, Emplify rigidly enforces our "Rule of Five" policy.

What is the "Rule of Five"?

With groups smaller than five, it becomes easier to identify where each person falls on the engagement spectrum. Emplify will never show employee data when there are less than five employees in a group or less than five responses from a specific group.

How does this work?

Quarterly Engagement Assessment - Responses for the quarterly engagement survey are only available if at least five employees respond. This means that groups with less than five employees will never have results available. If a group has more than five employees, but fewer than five responded, those results will be hidden. These employees' responses, however, will still be included as part of the overall organization Emplify Score and any other group they might be associated with, as long as those groups had more than five respondents.

SmartPulse - SmartPulse questions can only be sent to groups that have at least five responses to the quarterly engagement survey. While you can read any SmartPulse responses that are received, even if we receive less than five responses, employee's identities are still protected. All SmartPulse responses are presented anonymously. 

If you have any other questions about confidentiality, please reach out to 

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