Once a SmartPulse has closed, all the responses are available to download in a PDF. 

This allows the responses to be accessible for printing or targeted sharing as needed. To download the responses, follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the SmartPulse campaign

SmartPulse responses are available in the SmartPulse section of the menu on the left. Find the Driver/Condition and Target Group you want to download responses for.

The SmartPulse must have a status of Finished or Published in order for the PDF to be available.

2. Click VIEW to see responses

This will open the responses for that SmartPulse campaign.

3. Click the download icon

This will download a PDF of all responses to the SmartPulse question. The PDF includes the following details:

  • Start and end date

  • Target Group

  • Question

  • Responses

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can download SmartPulse responses?
Any leader who has access to view the SmartPulse responses can download the PDF. This includes leaders with full access to all the organization results and leaders with limited access to that group if the SmartPulse has been published to them.

How can I use the PDF of responses?
The PDF is a great way to allow responses to be printed for further review and note taking. It can also be shared with leaders for action planning conversations. If you have sent a SmartPulse to a cross-segmented group, downloading and sharing the responses allows the leaders involved in those groups to see the answers from employees.

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