Assigning "Limited" Access to Users with a Leader Role

How to manage access for Leaders who should not see all Emplify Insights data

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Granting access to see results is done from within the Employee Profile in the Employees section of Settings.

Once you are viewing the Employee List, click on the "View" link for a specific employee you want to grant access.

Scroll to the Access to People Insights section. To give an employee access, update their role in the dropdown. There are two different roles that can have limited access - Leader or Organization Admin.

  • Organization Admin - If the user should be able view assessment results AND manage employee data, select the Organization Admin role.

  • Leader - If the users should only view engagement results, but should not manage employee data, select the Leader role.

Once you select a role and select "Limited Access", the following view will appear.

Note: If you have reached the leader limit for your product package, this section will be disabled and display the following message, "Leader Limit Reached." To adjust your limit, contact your Account Manager.

Grant Access to Specific Groups of People

By selecting the segment and then the segment value, you are granting Limited Access to view results for all the employees represented by that group. Limited leaders will still be able to see all other segments for view-by and filtering (except hidden attributes).

This selection does not mean that they can only see that filter. It means they can see any data for the people represented by that filter. If you have multiple different segments that represent a similar or overlapping group of employees, simply grant access to the widest group.

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