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Using Emplify as a Manager
Engagement? Why should I care?
Engagement? Why should I care?
You just got access to your Emplify data, but why should you care?
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You just got an email telling you to log into Emplify, and you're skeptical. You may have heard a little about it, but you have so much on your plate already. You're managing people, and there are already enough pressures! Today's manager is often expected to play many roles:

  1. Contributor to a KPI like revenue, C-SAT or productivity

  2. P&L Manager

  3. Coach

  4. Counselor

  5. Wrangler of drama

Can you relate?

Much of your ability to deliver comes down to the strength and engagement of your people. You cannot afford to guess on how folks are doing or just throw band-aid solutions at them like spiffs or "jeans day," hoping they will be pacified.

We can help...if you're up for it. 

Your leadership team has decided to hire Emplify. Our goal is to show you how your people are feeling about the work, their impact...and you. We'll give your people a way to tell you what they've already been thinking about, but haven't had the confidence to share.

This isn't just something else you have to do or something designed to make you look bad. Here's what's it in for you if your willing to embrace the process:

  1. Less drama between coworkers

  2. Less turnover / more retention of your best folks

  3. Priortized list of team needs

  4. "Think-like-an-owner" mentality in your team

  5. Growth of your own management skills, path, and income

  6. Make your boss and company look great

We get it. It sounds too good to be true. But here's some things we've heard: 

"I can't believe that this one small change led to such a turnaround for my team."

"I figured out that meeting with my people 1-on-1 is worth my time because they know where they stand and 'own it' at work."

"Asking more questions of my team instead of me giving all the answers has unlocked their engagement potential."

"Now I can actually see what my Millennials need. Getting in there beside them and building a relationship has led to such a change in their productivity."

So buckle up. Your C-suite or HR leader will soon share your team engagement results. Here's an FAQ about what you will see. Don't hesitate to ask for support from HR. 

Here's to making you and your team better!

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