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Manage data for current, on leave, and terminated employees
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The All tab lists active employees and leaders along with employees that are on leave or terminated. Access the full employee list by navigating to Settings > Employees in the Insights Dashboard. The All tab includes the following functionality:

Search for an Employee Record

Use the magnifying glass icon to access the search functionality and quickly find an employee record. You can search for an employee using their name, email, phone, employee ID, or Emplify ID.


The filter icon allows you to adjust the data that is displayed on the All list. By clicking one of the options listed, you can remove those employees from the list. This lets you focus on a specific set of employees.

Download a List of All Employees

Click the download icon to access a CSV with the data for all employees including active, on leave, and terminated employees.

View List of All Employees

The full list of all employees is available on the All tab. Employees can be sorted by their email address, phone number, first name, last name, role (employee or leader), and status (Active, On Leave, Terminated Voluntary, or Terminated Involuntary). 

  • Active -  Active employees reflect the current employees for an organization. Employees with an Active status will be included in the Emplify Survey unless set to be excluded.

  • On Leave - Employees that are On Leave are still with the organization, but are not currently active. These employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey while they are set to On Leave.

  • Terminated Voluntary - Employees that have been set to Terminated Voluntary are no longer with the company because they chose to leave on their own. Terminated Voluntary employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey.

  • Terminated Involuntary - Terminated Involuntary employees are no longer with the organization based on a decision by the organization. These employees will not be included in the Emplify Survey.

Edit or Update an Employee Record

To see the data associated with an employee record or edit that data, click on VIEW in the row associated with that employee. This will open the Employee Profile.

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