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View and manage users with People Insights access

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The Leaders tab lists all users with access to the People Insights dashboard for your organization. View the access list by navigating to Settings > Employees list in the People Insights dashboard. The Access tab includes the following functionality:


Click on the magnifying glass icon to access search functionality and quickly find a leader record. You can search for a leader by using their name, email, phone, employee ID, or Emplify ID.


The filter icon allows you to adjust the data that is displayed on the Leaders list. By clicking one of the options listed, you can remove those employees from the list. This lets you focus on only leaders with Full or Limited access.

List of Users with Access

The full list of users with access to the People Insights dashboard displays on the Access tab. Users can be sorted by email address, first name, last name, role, and last login.


The Role column displays the user role that has been granted. The following roles have access to the People Insights dashboard:

  • Engagement Admin (formerly called Account Owner) - We allow one engagement owner to exist per account in the engagement dashboard. This represents the person that is the primary contact for engagement. The engagement admin is the only person that is able to schedule and confirm assessments for the organization, has admin capabilities, and has full access to results.

  • Organization Admin - The organization admin role has admin capabilities to manage employee and group data. They can also be granted full or limited access to results if they should see engagement data.

  • Leader - The leader role has full or limited access to assessment results.

Results Access

If a leader has Limited Access to results for specific groups, the groups will be listed in the Results Access column. Hover to see the full list of groups the user has access to.

Last Login

The access list also displays the last login date for a user. Click on the Last Login label to sort by the last login date.

Update Permissions

To see the data associated with a user's record or update their People Insights permissions, click on VIEW in the row associated with that leader. This will open their Employee Profile.

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